Compute Sunrise, Sunset & Twilight For Cities & Airports (for the experienced)

Note: this is the entry form for experienced users only. It provides a minimum amount of help and a quick, compressed entry for users familiar with our service. If you arrived here via a search engine, you should immediately go to our standard entry page.

Type: Airport ID Airport name City, State* County, State* State+ Lat/Lon Lat/Lon S.P.
* Select City (optionally County for U.S. airports) optionally followed by U.S. state (using postal abbreviation) or Country with a separating comma.
+ Select State to to list all airport IDs in that state or country.
Location: (Blank for Hollis, NH.)
Date (usually Month Day Year):
(Knows "today", "tomorrow", "yesterday". Blank means "today".)
Time zone: Automatic Eastern Central Mountain/Other Pacific/West Zulu/GMT
Custom time zone: Aviation Data Astronomical Data
Data Entry Tips City Lat/Lon Definitions Form for new users
Text color: White Black Background keyed to time of day
How many days: One day 1 month 2 months 3 months 6 months 1 year table
Tables include: Midday Sunlight each day Sunlight summed for month Sunlight summed
Tables start on first of the month
Date format: April 25, 1996 25 April 1996 (Europe) 04/25/96 25/04/96 (Europe)

Note: if one of the European formats are selected then when entering the date a day number is assumed to precede a month number.
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